Willowbrook in 2012

Welcome to Willowbrook!

The fact that you are reading this message demonstrates your desire to provide joy and enrichment to a child’s life. That is our mission, too. We are confident that the unique opportunities at Willowbrook will assist with this goal. We are launching this new website with the desire to more effectively meet your need to know who we are, what we offer, and how to access the program we provide.

2012 is a propitious Leap Year to also launch into the next three decades of Willowbrook. Our canvas is blank to paint as we are inspired, to affirm our creative impulses. We will open the summer with a cunning cat in boots, dance our way to Broadway, go adventuring with pirates, revel in Shakespeare’s comedic prose and celebrate America’s Roaring Twenties with Millie. Tents will overflow with everything needed to create that special work of art from clay, glass, paint, beads, reed, cloth, paper and a thousand other materials. The urge to sing, dance, play an instrument or become a great actor will be satisfied. We have stories and imaginations to share, and friends to share them with.

Thank you for taking this first step in joining us for the excitement!

Rebecca Pratt and Richard Hall, Willowbrook Camp Directors