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Mondays - Fridays from June 25 to August 3, 2018

A summer tradition for young people all over the Portland Metro Area, Willowbrook plants the seeds that help children develop their potential to grow and thrive as human beings. In a day when the arts are cut from school curricula, our camps provide an opportunity for students to explore their creativity while directing their own schedules, making their own choices, and discovering their own interests in a supported environment. Not only do they learn about the arts, they develop valuable character traits that serve them throughout their lives.

Check out our Summer 2018 "At-A-Glance" sheet here


2-Tiered Tuition: Choose the rate that fits.

Part of Willowbrook’s philosophy is to keep camp costs low in order to allow more families to enjoy the benefits of a summer arts camp experience. However, the SUBSIDIZED TUITION RATE DOESN’T COVER THE TRUE COST.

Please consider paying the standard rate of tuition to ensure that Willowbrook remains healthy and able to offer quality programming for as many children as possible. The rate you choose when you register will be locked in for the summer.

2018 Summer Tuition Rates

Annual registration fee per family: $30 (covers all children in one family)

Tuition Standard rate Subsidized rate
1 week full days* $260 $230
1 week half days* $130 $115
1 full day $58 $52
1 half day $29 $26

* Weekly rates are good for 5 consecutive days in the same week only.

The registration fee and tuition for your child's first week of attendance must be paid when you register. These must accompany your registration form.

Willowbrook's structure of free choice and independence does not suit every child. An option to "test drive" camp can be done by registering and enrolling for at least one day. Then, you can come in, call, or send a note with your camper that you would like to extend attendance. This is only necessary if you wish to extend attendance within the week. Otherwise feel free to add days through our enrollment site.


~2018 Prices~
New Camper Special: Register a new camper at the Standard Tuition rate for at least one full week of full days to qualify for a second full week of full days at half off! To be able to receive the discount, you must be a new camper and register for at least two full weeks of full days. To get the code to enter at checkout, email This discount cannot be combined with subsidized rates, and cannot be split between campers. All uses will be reviewed.

6 Week Package: Register and pay by June 1st for only $1,380 tuition! A savings of $180!

Tualatin Residents. As part of part of an agreement with the City of Tualatin, all Tualatin residents are now eligible to receive a 5% discount off camp tuition!


There are 2 ways to register online and pay:

    Follow the prompts through our online registration from anywhere. Pay with a credit card or checking account.

    Follow the prompts through our online registration from our tablets at camp. Pay with cash or check on site: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday - Friday or Sundays 12 - 3 pm, Sun. June 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. Parking on-site is allowed only during these times.

Important Notes

  1. Please be specific about dates of attendance for your child.
  2. Your child must be pre-registered to attend.
  3. Do not drop off any child without pre-registering.
  4. Squirrels Nest (3 & 4 year olds) fills at times. Add-on days are on a space-available basis only. Please call or email to schedule.
  5. Tuition payments are required prior to the day of attendance.
  6. Payments for pre-registered students may be made on weekdays after 8:30 a.m.
  7. Please write your child’s full name and age on your tuition payment check.
  8. There is a $30 charge for any returned check.
  9. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR PRE-REGISTRATION OR UNATTENDED DAYS. However you are welcomed to reschedule unattended days.

Financial Assistance

Willowbrook offers financial aid to enable children to attend. The annual summer Art Auction provides limited funds for this purpose.

  • Financial Aid application forms are required, and are available upon request by calling 503-691-6132 or emailing
  • The Financial Aid application deadline is May 15, 2018. Applications will be reviewed by Willowbrook staff. You will receive notification after June 1.
  • A maximum of 2 weeks of aid is given upon review and acceptance.


How does Willowbrook's parking system work? Click here to learn what happens in the lot and the City Approved Route to get to camp!

Pick Up Slips

Print pick up slips at home to get ready for the summer!


2018 Parking and Route Instructions

Morning Drop Off

Parents of 3 and 4 year olds: You MUST park and walk your child into camp.

When you get to camp, you will be driving up the right side of the parking lot. Our lot is a one way direction lot. On the right side, there are two options:

Quick Drop Off

The outer lane (right side) of the parking lot is for people who can just have their campers hop out of the car with lunchboxes/backpacks and other personal items. People who use this lane must be ready to have kids exit the car. Once you get to the front curb, we will have staff there to open your car doors, help campers out, and if necessary, walk them through our front gate. You must not use this lane if you have any activities requiring you to exit your vehicle, such as applying suncreen, getting personal items, etc. Your campers should be ready to exit your car by the time you pull up to the curb. We keep this lane for a quick drop off and ask that you please help us to keep it that way.


The inner lane of the lot will be for people who want to park. The parking spots on you immediate left when pulling into the lot are for public use. They are not for Willowbrook use. Once you get to the top of the lot (closest to camp) we will help you park. BE AWARE: On Monday of each week, parking can take a long time. When you do get parked, please be respectful of other parents that want to park, and keep your time limited inside of camp. We have open visiting hours from 10am-2pm every day and 12-3pm every Sunday, and we would love to walk you around and give you a full tour during those hours. Please be patient with our staff and other parents as you come to drop off your campers. Understanding from everyone will make the whole process run smoothly!

Half Day Pickup/Drop off

Because our number of half day campers stay relatively low, we do not have a parking system for the pick up and drop off of campers at noon. Please be respectful of each other with the amount of time you choose to spend in camp!

Note: If you are picking up a camper outside the designated drop off/pickup times. Our staff will not collect children, make sure campers know when you are arriving or be prepared to bring valid ID in order to enter camp and locate them.

Afternoon Pickup

Please read the email you will be sent once you register about PINs and pickup slips. You will need one pickup slip every day that you come to pick campers up. If you are carpooling, you will need one slip for your family, and one slip for each family you are picking up. Make sure you've been added as an authorized pick up for all families. They should have provided you with a PIN.

Note: Each authorized individual for pickup will receive their own PIN number per family.

Afternoon pickup is similar to morning drop off in that we have two different options for getting your campers. You can either park in our parking spots, or have our staff bring your child to your car.

PARENTS OF ONLY 3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS (Squirrels) - You will need to park and pick up your child everyday. Your camper will be out at 2:45pm. You will be able to come in, park and walk in to collect your campers. Government ID is required to enter camp beyond our front desk area. You will need your ID every day to pick up your camper. No exceptions will be made.

PARENTS OF ONLY 5 TO 7 YEAR OLDS (Villagers) - Your campers can be picked up starting at 2:45pm. You are allowed to enter the lot early to pick up your young campers. You will be able to either park or use our pick up system (more information down below).

PARENTS OF CHILDREN OVER 8 (Artisans), Artisans and Villagers, or Artisans and Squirrels - If you have any camper that you are picking up that is over the age of 8, you will pick all of you campers up at once. Villagers and squirrels will be looked after until the 3:15pm release time of your older campers! If you enter the parking lot before 3:15pm or when our staff lets you in, you will be asked to leave and get back in line. We do not have enough parking spots to have people waiting in their cars.

Following our traffic route that is attached to this email, you will arrive at Willowbrook with camp on your left hand side. For families that have Artisans, you will have to line up on Nyberg so our staff can help sort all of the cars. At 2:40-2:45, our staff will walk down the line and talk to each and every car. Please stay in line outside of camp until one of our staff talks to you! When they come to your car, you will have two options:


If you choose to park, our staff will let you know when it is alright to enter the lot to get a parking spot. You will be directed by our staff where to park once you enter the lot. Do not try to park in the spots on your left on the way up to the top of the lot. Those must remain for park use. Once you walk into camp, you will need to have a completed pick up slip. You can find blank pickup slips here.

Curbside Pickup

We have an option where our staff will go and get your campers and once you get to the top curb, we will load your campers into your car. If you choose to use this option, you must have a pickup slip ready when our staff comes to your car. You can find blank pickup slips here. If you are carpooling, you will need one slip with correct PINs for each family. Reminder: Government issued photo I.D. is required to enter camp beyond our registration area. No exceptions will be made.