Frequently Asked Questions

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Willowbrook Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend on an average day and what are your teacher-student ratios?

We have an average of 400-450 campers in attendance each day. Our staff includes more than 220 members, with approximately 150 present daily. Our average ratios are 1 teaching staff to 5-10 campers per center, depending on their age.

How qualified are your teachers?


Specialists lead areas and range from school and community educators to artists with teaching background. Many of our Specialists have been at Willowbrook for more than 5 years, and some have been with us over 20 years!

College Assistants

College Assistants help teach in all centers. Many attended Willowbrook as campers and were high school assistants. They have proficiency in their arts and experience working with children.

Apprentice Assistants

Apprentice Assistants are 14-18 years old. They work half days and attend as campers the other half. They have been campers at Willowbrook for at least 2 years and are models and mentors for younger children as well as important staff support.


What kind of a schedule would you recommend for my child?

Campers’ schedules vary. The more a child attends, the more opportunities exist to explore a variety of arts. Many projects can be completed in a day, while others help hone a particular skill and require more time. If your child wishes to participate in a play and wants a major role, more attendance time is recommended.

What constitutes a half day?

A half day is 9:00 to 12:00 (morning session), or 12:00 to 2:45 for 4-7 year olds and 12:00 to 3:15 for 8-18 year olds (afternoon session). Because the morning session is longer and includes the teacher announcements for the day's activities, it is the recommended choice.

Lunch is from 12:00 to 12:35.

Is extended care available?

The extended care option is offered for campers whose caregiver’s schedule doesn't allow them to make the regular drop-off and pick-up times. During this time, camp centers are not open. Extended care activities include recreation, games, stories, drawing, and simple art projects. Extended care staff includes college assistants and high school assistants from our teaching staff.

Before-care is offered from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. and after-care from 3:15 to 5:30 p.m.
After-care ends promptly at 6:00. A late charge applies after 6:00 - our staff needs to go home.
Extended care charge is $7.00 per hour and $3.50 per half hour, or $14.00 per hour and $7.00 per half hour per family of two or more children. After 6:00pm the rate increases to $10.00 per child per every 15 minutes of care.
Registration & Payments
No registration is allowed at drop-off & pick-up times.

How long should my child attend to be in a theater performance?

Campers ages 8 - 18 who want a speaking role in a play must attend for 2 weeks. Auditions take place on Tuesday of the week before the performance. Major speaking roles in plays for the Village theater group (age 5 - 7) also require a 2-week stay. Campers who attend for only 1 week may also participate in plays, although they will usually not have speaking roles.

How do campers know how to move through their day?

Artisans (8 - 18 year olds)

Teachers announce their offerings each day in morning assembly and tell campers if there is a signup list for appointments in their centers. They also post schedules on a bulletin board near the registration area. Students have free choice of the arts that interest them and the length of time they stay in a center. Some campers focus on one or two things in a day while others engage in many activities. We are always on the lookout for children who seem uncertain of what choices to make or need help finding an area. Please encourage your camper to ask for assistance.

Villagers (5 - 7 year olds)

Village campers are split into half-age groups in their own home tents, where they deposit their belongings. Each group has a lead teacher who stays in that center all day as a Specialist. Campers attend morning orientation, then are taken on a short tour of the Village daily and shown where each activity center is located. They have three free choice periods for activities. Teachers are available to help them with their choices and to schedule options such as piano lessons. Arrangements are made with Artisan Specialists to visit and teach classes such as Folkdance. 7 year olds may also attend pre-arranged classes for small groups in Artisan centers. Villagers gather in their home tents for 10 minutes after lunch and again at the end of the day to prepare for sign-out.

Squirrels (3 and 4 year olds)

Children are guided to select from activity stations during the free choice part of their day. They are offered arts, puppetry, weaving, ceramics, dance, drama, nature study, and music. They may also participate in theatre productions. Group activities, classes in dance areas, visits from Artisan Specialists and nature walks round out the day. Plenty of staff is on hand at all times. Note: Squirrels Nest sometimes fills. Add-on days are on a space- available basis. Please call to schedule.

Are Village students of different ages able to spend time together?

Yes. Children can easily link up with friends during their free choice activity time and for lunch.

Can my child go to Artisan centers before s/he’s 8, or move into the Village before s/he’s 5?

No. We gear our age groups and centers to accommodate those ages adequately, with appropriate art projects and opportunities. Our many years of experimenting and experiencing kids has taught us what levels are appropriate in our setting. We will make an exception, however, to move a child down an age group if necessary.


Ways to Register

Registration may be done In 4 ways 1. Online Registration: Follow the prompts. Create a family profile now to keep for years to come! Check back at the beginning of February for our 2017 registration 2. Pre-Registration By Mail: Include tuition & registration fees. Call to request forms or download them from the website. Mail completed and signed copies of all three registration forms to Willowbrook at least 1 week before attending. Payment with this option is by check only. 3. On Site Weekend Registration at camp: Pay with cash or check on site 12 - 3 p.m., Sun. June 25; July 2, 9, 16, 24, 30 4. On Site Weekday Registration at camp: Pay with cash or check on site 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Mon - Fri. Parking on-site is allowed only at this time.

Important Registration Notes

Your child must be pre-registered to attend. Do not drop off any child without pre-registering. Tuition payments are required prior to the day of attendance. Payments for pre-registered students may be made on weekdays after 8:30 a.m. Please write your child’s full name and age on your tuition payment check. There is a $20 charge for any returned check. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR PRE-REGISTRATION OR UNATTENDED DAYS. Because you are allowed to pay on a daily basis for your child’s attendance, we recommend you pay-as-you-go if you are unsure of future attendance. If I’m not sure of my child’s attendance schedule or might add days, may I pay after they attend? No. Payment is required before your child's attendance. You may pay as you go, bringing a check or cash on the day your child attends if you have already registered completely before that day.

Do you accept credit cards at camp?

You may pay with a credit card online with our new registration system. If you want to use credit card, be sure to register for camp online instead of by mail.


Our Parking Lot

We have a small public parking lot with a limited number of spaces for short-term Willowbrook use. We use a drop-off and pick-up system directed by attendants to move traffic through as efficiently as possible. We appreciate your patience. Your wait may be 15-20 minutes or longer at peak times. Complete drop-off and pickup instructions are outlined in the brochure, which is available at the front desk or as a download from our website at You can also click here to learn what happens in the lot and the 2017 City Approved Route to get to camp!

Play Parking

Attending a Willowbrook play? Click here to learn about our evening parking and shuttle system!

Important Rules

Do not drop off any child without first pre-registering. Do not drop off or pick up children anywhere other than at the designated drop-off / pick-up point Please drive very slowly in the parking lot. Be watchful of children and staff crossing in front of cars. Attendants will assist you. Please leave marked parking spots open for general public use. Please remember this is a public park generously loaned by the City of Tualatin. What do I do if I have children leaving at both 2:45 and 3:15 departure times? We will hold your younger child (age 4 - 7) in a group activity until your older child finishes at 3:15 so that you only have to come once to pick them up.

We request that you go directly to the Squirrel's Nest to pick up your 4 year old, while your other children may be picked up in their sign-out areas at the front gate. You will usually be asked to pull into the pick-up lane of the parking lot and runners will get your children for you, but you may be asked to park and sign them out personally.

Camper Belongings, Discipline Policy, Security Measures

Camper belongings

Please DO NOT allow children to bring knives, toys, games, trading cards, electronics, or other valuable items to camp. This includes music players, hand-held video games, etc. These items may be confiscated and given back to the child at pick-up time. Cell phones may be brought, but they must remain in camper’s backpacks and on silent at all times. Cell phones may be used during camp hours in case of emergency only. Willowbrook staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.

Camp discipline policy

We use a four-step Progressive Consequences disciplinary procedure that emphasizes reinforcement of acceptable behavior, redirection, and gentle correction.

What security measures do you take?

Willowbrook operates in an exclusive use area of Brown's Ferry Park surrounded by a chain link fence. Security staff is present throughout the day, and is posted at the front gate during arrival and departure times. Adult visitors are required to show a driver's license or other picture ID, sign in and out and wear a visitor’s badge. They are also asked to remain outside of art centers to observe. At the end of the day, children are escorted to the parking lot and picked up by authorized persons using a PIN system. All on-site staff members and teaching volunteers receive background checks through a professional screening service using regional and national search technologies.