"I love the minute just before a show backstage when a director gives a speech and you know you can do it."
– Annie, 11

Campers hone their singing and acting skills with daily rehearsals and drama games. The Performing Arts area for Artisans incorporates daily activities, music and dance as an integral part of the drama experience. Drama for all ages includes drama games, creation of stories that become plays, production of favorite fairy and folk tales, legends and myths.

Theatre is an integration of the arts, drama, dance, music, and stagecraft. It opens doors to an understanding of self and life situations, other people and other times. Theatre experiences begin in the Squirrel’s Nest for 3 & 4 year olds, and continue in the Village for 5 -7 year olds. Intermediate and Advanced Theatre provides dramatic experience for 8 through 18 year old students. Special productions are arranged for each age and experience level. Our performances welcome all ages and levels. For those campers who would like a speaking role, please plan to attend two weeks prior to performances. Daily individual and group rehearsals are required.