The Squirrel's Nest is an area of beginnings in a secure environment. Our staff guides children through a variety of arts including puppetry, weaving, ceramics, dance, drama, nature study, and music. Squirrel’s Nest campers may also participate in theatre productions. Children must be age 3 and potty-trained by camp starting date.

Squirrels Sample Daily Schedule

8:30-9:10am Sign in & Free Choice
9:10-9:35am Circle Time
9:35-10:30am Project Time
10:30-11:00am Clean up & Snack
11:00-11:10am Bathroom and Water Break
11:10-11:30am Dance
11:30-11:45am Bathroom and Water Break
11:45-12:35pm Lunch & Dismissal of 1/2 day Kids
12:35-12:50pm Bathroom and Water Break
12:50-1:00pm Circle Time
1:00-1:30pm Project Time
1:30-2:00pm Nature Walk/Chalk/Sprinkler Trips/Games
2:00-2:10pm Bathroom and Water Break
2:10-2:40pm Free Choice
2:40-2:45pm Closing Circle