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2017 Theatre Schedule

All performances begin at 7:00pm

All age groups may participate!

Jungle Book

Thursday, July 6 & Friday, July 7
Mowgli, an orphan boy, is raised by a “family” of friendly creatures who teach him the ways of the wild. When a man-eating tiger vows to destroy him and take over the jungle, Mowgli’s friends must return him to the safety of his human village!
By special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, INC., script by Vera Morris

Dance of Magical Masterpieces

Thursday, July 13 & Friday, July 14
Museum gallery sculptures start to sway. Paintings flow and join the movement. Old master portraits, landscapes and still lifes; Degas ballets, Lautrec can cans, Pollock abstracts, and urban graffiti; all come to life in a dance of magical masterpieces.
An original showcase of all Dance Centers

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League

Thursday, July 20 & Friday, July 21
A strange job posting appears in the newspaper: Four pounds a week for nominal services. But the applicant MUST have red hair. Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes are on the case once more as humor, intrigue, and plenty of fiery locks fill the stage in one of the strangest cases they’ve ever had to solve!
Original script by Eli Thacker-Taylor

Shakepeare's As You Like It

Thursday, July 27 & Friday, July 28
Orlando and Rosalind fall instantly in love but their courtship is thwarted. Rosalind, being banished by her uncle, disguises herself as a man and flees to the forest. Orlando hears of his brothers’ ill-will toward him and flees there as well. ”All the world’s a stage” in Shakespeare’s joyous tale of love and life outside the city walls.
Adapted by Eli Thacker-Taylor

Mulan Jr.

Thursday, August 3 & Friday, August 4
The Huns have invaded and it’s up to Mulan and her mischievous dragon Mushu to save the Emperor. China needs soldiers, no matter how old. To spare her father from serving, she disguises herself as a boy. As the great battle with the Huns approaches, Mulan must choose between revealing her true identity or saving all of China.
Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International